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Power Converter


May 14, 2009
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Bay City, Michigan
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1997 Mercury Mountaineer
First off I had previously removed all of my stock audio components.

Converter shot #1

Converter shot #2

These are the factory plugs that used to go to the audio system. I used these to wire my converter in so it is removable.

This is my on/off switch and fuse for the power inverter. It's right above the dual cubby pocket.

This is plug #1. It is in the center counsole by the factory 12 volt outlet in the front passenger foot area.

This picture is of plug #2. It is located in the center counsole rear drivers side for the back seat. Below it is another 12 volt outlet I added.

It's a Colman 2-plug power converter. I removed the rear cover from it to gain access to it's inner workings. I extended the wires for the power switch, outlets, and fuse. Its 2 outlets I then mounted into the center counsole itself. One for the front and one for the rear. I used the side plate from the converter for as a template to cut my holes out for the plugs. There is enough space under the radio behind the dual cubby pocket for the converter so that is where I mounted it. I then hard-wired it into the old radio plugs (all connections are soldered and taped - didn't have any shrink tubing at the time) for future movement if needed (3 years so far and no problems). On the face of the cubby pocket I installed the switch and fuse so I can turn it on/off when needed and to be able to change the fuse if need be. The switch is lighted to let me know when it's on because the power supply I taped into is constant. It makes a little noise because of it's fan but when my Merc is running I can't hear it so that hasn't been an issue. I used the velcro that came with the converter to hold it in place and so far it hasn't let go. The only problem I've had so far is because I didn't think ahead about where the rear plug is mounted. When I am driving (always me, no one else allowed to) the rear plug is blocked by the drivers seat. So is the 12 volt outlet I added under it. I might in the future move it to where the factory rear audio controls were because that space is now just a blank panel.

Nice job & great write-up! Thanks for taking the time to this. :thumbsup:

Where did you get the 12V outlet? I've been looking everywhere and can't seem to track one down.

You can pick them up ay any auto parts store or at walmart