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Power door lock issues???


November 13, 2012
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Roanoke, Virginia
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1994 Explorer Sport
I'm having a problem out of my passenger side door lock and unlock button. For a while , it would work intermittently, then it started "losing power". It would struggle to lock or unlock either the drivers side or passenger side door. Now when i push the button nothing happens at all. If i use the button on the drivers side there are no problems. Where do you think the problem is?


Elite Explorer
April 6, 2008
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1994 Explorer 2dr 4x4
Check the switch itself. The contacts can become corroded. Usually these switches can be disassembled with the aid of some small screwdrivers or picks, and the contact surfaces can be cleaned up with fine grit sandpaper. Also check the connectors for the switch. Corrosion can be scraped/sanded off and you can squeeze tighten loose individual bullet style connectors.

If cleaning the contacts doesn't work, check with a multimeter that there is power at the appropriate points and try manually jumping the contacts.