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Power Down Back Window Switch Repair

Paul Fithian

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October 12, 2016
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Long Beach, IN
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2007 Job 1 RWD V8 Limited
Thanks to the excellent troubleshooting documentation that I received from ncranchero, I was able to pinpoint my problem with the power down back window to the switch in the dash.

This switch is removable and can be fixed. My problem was a missing circuit trace for the ground path to tell the smart motor to go to the full up position.

This was easily fixed with the use of a conductive circuit pen, here is what I used:

Works perfectly now!

Circuit Trace Defect.jpg

Circuit Trace Repair.jpg

Swtich Components 1.jpg

Swtich Components 2.jpg

Fantastic work. I initially thought my motor or switch was bad and was going to redo the whole system with a simple up/down switch. The side window motors (right side rear) from 3rd gen explorers are a direct fit for our rear window but without the smart parts. A reset worked however so that's a project for another day.

Update, the repaired switch failed, would not close the window all the way. I purchased a new Motorcraft SW7145 on eBay and installed it, works perfectly now.