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Power Drain stopping engine from starting. HELP!!


October 24, 2007
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nanaimo bc
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93' sport
This is on a 1994 explorer sport (2dr,4L OHV w/ 5spd)

Ok so I just finished getting the snorkel onto my truck, and the next day (already driven truck a few times) and it would not start. I just went in, turned the key to ON (all good so far) and then I tried to start the engine and nothing.... just instant power drain. Then ge same thing would happen if I were to diconnect and reconnect the negative terminal. We also tried jumping the relay, and just got the same "drain", although jumping without ignition on you can hear the starter. hitting the starter with a crescent also did nothing. But the starter, battery, battery cables, starter relay are all only 7 months old.

This is just wierd, theres no starter noise, relay click, just nothing and everything dies.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much

me thinks you tested your new snorkel with some "nice water" which didn't help your starter one bit... :) either that or it is fried and hence the "big drain". Pull it and bench tested and / or take it to a part store where they can.

no i only drove it in town for about 30min together, and it wasnt even raining. I was driving it 10minutes before this happened. But to get it home we just push started it and it fired up and ran fine until it got shut off at home.