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Power locks inoperative


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February 6, 2020
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1994 Explorer XLT
I got my aftermarket alarm, that came with the truck when I got it, removed because it started to act up. So after I got the truck back, I realized that my power locks don’t work. I called the place that removed it and they said that they didn’t touch the door lock switch. I checked the fuse for the circuit and it wasn’t blown, so my guess is that the switch isn’t working and that it needs to be replaced.

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Just on door lock switches, the driver and passenger switches work together, somewhat like a 3-way switch where two light switches control one lamp in a room. Here's the wiring for a 2-door without wireless entry. If you have a 4-door, it simply adds the other two lock motors in parallel. If you do have wireless entry, let me know. I would use this diagram to test both switches before deciding to replace anything... good luck!

Oh, an afterthought: If the locks worked before they removed the remote control... one, isn't that really their problem that you paid them to avoid? two, cause and effect: The remote splices into the lock wiring, I would revisit those splices before doing anything else. Again, good luck!


You can use a test light to see if the switch is actually working or not

Hello guys,
Might sound like a silly question, but I couldn't find an answer: is the power locking supposed to lock/unlock all the doors when you use the key? If I lock one of the doors (driver, passenger or boot) with the key it does not lock the whole car, but the power locking is working from the switches inside the car (both the driver swithc and the passenger switch).
Forgot to mention: 1992 4-door Eddie Bauer (I have just the hey, no remote)