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Power lost, No codes, Good idle.... Need help please...

jesus silva

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July 21, 2016
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Las vegas
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02 ford explorer
Hi.. how is it going?? been reading here for a while, but first post.. a bit of a back story on this..
Picked this 02 explorer eddie bauer 4.0 4wd 4 years ago for $600 and all it need it was tires...
few lil things have come up during that time..
rear diff
front and rear brake pads
1 wheel bearing
265/75r16 twise now
intake manifold gasket
heater valve 3 times
ac compressor.

My wife is the one driving this most of the time, few weeks a I was driving and i notice the lost in power.
Normally i could give it full throttle and you could feel it really strong, now it almost seems like it doesn't down shift.
there is a strong smell off raw fuel which i wanna say comes from the exhaust, but mostly when idling for a long time and hot weather, (Las Vegas)
I did a tune up few days ago to see if that might of fix the problem, (it didn't )... haha
new spark plugs. motorcraft
spark plug wires
oil and filter
transmission oil and filter. mercon v
clean ther MAF sensor
took it for a drive.. nothing changed.
yesterdays i was park at my nephew's house and the neighbor told me that the injectors are stuck open, and that was causing the smell of raw fuel...
does that sound right???
the idle is perfect, no codes, no back fire, or black smoke.. Im kind off lost on this..
I would thing if the injectors are leaking, it would show more symptoms...

what do you guys thing???