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Power Mirror Issue


Elite Explorer
October 14, 2004
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City, State
Plymouth, MN
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'94 LTD '10 LTD V8
Ok heres the deal....Rdy to take my Winter Beater X out for the season. My power mirrors work but ONLY right to left, left to right LH and RH. They DONT work up or down? LH or RG? I do remember there was a recall on the power mirror issue over heating and they but a fuse in. I did have that done many yrs ago. My question is could my switch for the power mirror gone bad? has anybody else have this problem before. Im quessing maybe the switch is bad?


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February 19, 2008
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Flowery Branch , Georgia, 1994 sport 2wd auto
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2005 colorado 2wd 5spd
had a silmilar problem with the door lock buttons on mine ...took it apart and found years of trash in mine and took a air compressor and cleaned it out and put it back together and it started working ,tho i never had the mirror control apart could be the cause .

could always go grab one from a yard for .50 cents and see if thats it .