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power mirror switch issue and fuse location?


November 15, 2009
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Long Island, Ny
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98 Explorer XLT
Hey, The powered mirror switch does not work in my 02 explorer. Does one of the fuses control just the mirror switch and if so, which is it. If not, I guess I will just replace the switch itself to see if that solves it

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I will post up some good info when I get home tonight!! :thumbsup:

If only one direction of the mirror control stops like the up and down or either side to side function stops then I would suspect the switch itself but if it stops working altogether I would look to wire or connection issue in the door or wire bundle. You can carefully pry up the switch with a putty knife or something similar and it will come loose from the panel so you can check it out.

Sorry about the delay in responding. I will post up the fuse location, wiring diagrams, and troubleshooting steps from my shop manuals tomorrow night.

In the meantime:

I had similar electrical issues with my '02 XLT. The dome lights would stay on until the battery saver feature turned them off, the accessory delay wasn't working, the driver side puddle light didn't work, the keypad on the door would set off the alarm when I pressed it, the door ajar light would flash and beep at highway speeds, the radio would shut off as soon as I turned the key off, the alarm would beep twice when I armed it. Recently all 4 windows stopped working. Most recently the driver door lock actuator stopped working.

A lot of electrical issues can be traced back to broken/damaged wire(s) in the boot between the body and the driver's door. I found 3 broken wires and repaired them. The thin black ground wire was broken and after repairing it all was back to normal. When the windows stopped working, I repaired the thick black ground wire and the windows now work like a champ. I had to repair the pink/black wire to fix the driver door lock actuator.

Here is the thread for removing the door panel: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums//showthread.php?t=303524

Here is a great thread for checking for broken/damaged wires, thanks to synyster for this awesome write-up: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums//showthread.php?t=270081

Unfortunately the pictures are no longer available in the above thread. IIRC, I believe I unwrapped the wires enough to gain access. When I have gone searching in there I had an idea of what wire I was looking for. I located the the wire I was looking for and gently tugged on that wire on the door side. The wire was pulled toward me and out of the harness. I then went inside the vehicle and gently tugged on the the wire I was looking for and was able to pull it inside the vehicle. I then spliced a length of wire to the 2 ends, completing the circuit. I then gently pulled the excess into the door.

Be sure to take your time when looking for broken/damaged wire(s). Check all the wires for breaks/damage. When you think you're done looking, look again, and again, and again. A bright flashlight can be very helpful.

Thanks guys! I'll report my findings when I get back home.