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Power Mirror Switch Wiring

o' dannyboy

March 29, 2006
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big apple
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'93 xlt
I recently tore the driver's side door apart to replace the window motor. During the course of this escapade I some how pulled the black and white wire from the door harness out of the power mirror switch.

Could someone please post a photo or a brief description of which terminal this wire goes to in the power mirror switch (underside)??


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Nobody have the story behind the orphan black and white wire from the power mirror switch??

Hey o'dannyboy, I have the diagrams posted on scribd.com, give me a few minutes and i'll get you the link, or you can check tbars thread that's been stickied at the top of the stock 91-94 forum, he and I worked hard to pull all those diagrams together a cpl years ago.