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Power Question


October 10, 2006
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Gilbert, AZ
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'07 Sport Trac XLT
I have a 2006 Explorer that had the stock stereo in it. I just replaced that stereo with a Kenwood HU and have a couple questions. First off, I used the metra harness and now, when I take my keys out of the ignition, the radio turns off instead of waiting until the door is opened. Is there a different wire I need to splice into for power? Also, the metra harness only plugged into one set of wires, there was a second plug in the back of my stock stereo that is now just hanging there. Did I need any of those wires plugged in? Finally, I have to find a place to hide my Sirius box that plugs into the HU. Any ideas on a good place to put it?

Not sure on that one. I know I've done Chevy's and they still turn off with the door. And can recall a few Ford's. But the shop I work at uses Best Kits. I'll do some checking on that. Gimme 'til Monday.