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Power Steering fluid keeps burning

Joe Fast

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December 14, 2003
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Brooklyn, New York
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1999 XLT
I have aproblem with my 99 XLT. The PS fluid keeps burning. The pump make a constant noise (since I've owned the car) but I have been told that this was common with fords. It works fine, just has the hum. I have changed the fluid and added lucas but the same thing keeps happening... It burns.. It smells burnt and looks it. If anyone has had any similar experiences or has any suggestions please let me know. I would like to prevent this condition on my Sport.


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This seems to be a constant with Fords, had this problem with my Mustang as well as my Explorer, I have rebuilt my X pump three times in 111,000 miles, As far as preventing this, wish I knew myself. Think it could be due to the close proximity (sp?) to the exhaust, maybe the heat is causing the fluid to boil/breakdown?

Do you think a PS cooler on one of the lines would be worth it???

yes, a fluid cooler will help bigtime. ive had this problem on my bronco (not the X) and the cooler has all but solved it.

Originally posted by Joe Fast
Do you think a PS cooler on one of the lines would be worth it???

You should already have a PS cooler from the factory; it is located under the radiator.

Another thing that "might" help is to change to full synthetic PS fluid.

Good luck....