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Power Steering Initial Configuration with FORScan U2100


September 5, 2023
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Bremen, Indiana
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2014 Ford Explorer Sport
I have had my 2014 Ford Explorer Sport for almost a year, and every time I pull DTC's with FORScan I get a U2100 as shown in the pic below stating that the power steering "Initial Configuration Not Complete". My guess is that prior to purchasing it someone swapped the steering rack but did not set it up. My local Ford dealer wants $175 for an hour of labor to do that setup, so I am hoping that someone can help me solve this without that price tag.

I have seen a couple posts about downloading the as-built data from Ford, but that did not seem to work out in those posts. So can someone help me get this squared away?

U2100 PSCM.png

So I just grabbed the As-Built data for my 2014 from https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt, and I get these values listed. Can I manually update these values to correct the "Initial Configuration Not Complete" U2100 DTC?

PSCM As Built.png

I wanted to follow up on this post. I used the values in the screenshot from my previous post, and that fixed my issue. Hopefully this will help someone in the future.
I just went through this. Yes. Use the as built data and enter the values.

For reference, I replaced my rack and had to reprogram mine. I had the same code.