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Power steering pump noise


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January 29, 2009
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Calgary, Canada
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I have a howling noise coming from the PS pump and I noticed the fluid is foaming ie it has air bubbles. Any idea how to repair this problem?

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let it sit for a while, and see if it goes away , than add a bit more, cause if the pump is sucking air, it has to be a bit low,, run it for a while after adding and check again,
but when it is really cold out, it will whine on every start up,,

try "Slick 50 Power Steering Fluid". it will take time for it to quieten down. it will also help the seals stop leaking.
canadian tire sells it.


Lucas is the best. Period.

I've had great luck with Lucas products. The ps pump in my 93 was starting to make a noise a few weeks ago, i noticed it was slightly low. I sucked as much of the old fluid out of the jub as i could and topped it off with Valvoline Max-Life ps fluid that i had laying around. it has quieted the pump down, ive been pleased with max-life products.