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Power Steering pump problem


September 3, 2013
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Fox Lake, Il
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2002 Explorer XLT 4.0
2002 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

I recently had a used engine installed in my Explorer. Before swapping the engine the PS pump was making a groaning noise so I picked up a rebuilt pump and installed it when the new engine was installed and also flushed the PS fluid. The replacement pump had a squealing noise that got higher pitched with rpm's but did not change at all as the wheels were turned. I gave a quick spray of wd40 behind the pully around the front bearing of the pump and the noise would go away for about 10 minutes before coming back. Figuring the pump was bad out of the box I returned it and got another pump. That was put in last night and has the same squealing noise. The belt had less than 100 miles before it was swapped to the replacement engine so I'm doubting it's that. I had also put a new idler pully in just before swapping the engine. The new idler was quiet in the old engine and is also quiet in the new engine. Am I missing anything else to check before I figure I just got 2 bad out of the box ps pumps?

Any help would be appreciated.

Remove the serpentine belt and thoroughly inspect all pulleys. Then try running the cold engine less than
one minute without the belt and listen for internal noises. Harmonic balancer (Crankshaft pulley) checked?

In most cases, if you experience a 'defective' part out-of-the-box more than once, the hard truth is you have another issue that's not being addressed. Two exceptions to that rule. Reman power steering pumps and reman carbs.
It wouldn't be hard pressed to believe you've got two bad pumps.
Rule #1 when replacing a PS pump, replace ALL hoses and put a filter in.