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Power steering pump question


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October 6, 2008
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02 mountaineer v8
my power steering pump on my 02 4.6 is sounding pretty bad. im not sure if its the pulley or they whole setup but id like to change it out to get the sound gone. what im wondering is if the 4.0 and the 4.6 use the same PS pump? i found one locally off a 4.0 for $30 w/ 50k on it. wondering if i should get it. any help would be great. thanks.


the one on my V6 03 is totaly different than the one on my 4.6, do yourself a favor and use the right one...its a pain in the ass to get to while the engine is still in the truck.....even more so, the difference in the 4.6's pumps is pretty wide, the one off the 05 engine i just put in my 03 had a different set of pipe work than my 03 pump.