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daniel cauchon

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July 6, 2002
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Terrebonne,Province of Quebec
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1995 Explorer Limited
Hi to all of you !

Ok I have a question for your guys this early in the morning...

My steering feels funny when I turn it...it sometimes feels like it harder to turn ...not always just a little bit harder..lets say it feels heavier.. I know right it`s -24 degrees celcius..without wind factor..but I'not sure that the temp is the prob in my case...any suggestion ?


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mine got like that, and gradually got worse... i ended up changin the rack and the ps pump at the same time. the rack leaked causing my pump to run dry and burn up. i'm pretty sure it felt like that becasue the pump wasn't completely working to answer your question tho

Was it over a long period of time ?

and my pump is full ? so I dont think i' loosing fluid...

from what i noticecd it happened over like 3 or 4 months. i'm not sure on this but i don't think your pump has to be empty/low to go bad. i think sometimes they just go after a while... but then again it might not even be your pump, just my .02

mine gets like that when its cold and has done it for a long time. Its still good (or so i hope) *knocks on wood*

lets hope your are right...hopefully I have the same prob..only when its cold...it s realy cold around here now !! -24 right in the middle of the day... tonight the forcast is - 32 !!! go damm country !

I say its probally the Gear Box... if youre not leaking fluid...

mines got a PWR Steering problem...

just ad fluid whenever it gets all...

It is too cold.
Stay home !

what, like 30? :p

That is how I started to notice the rack going out on the 96X. I would try some Lucas Rack & Pinion Conditioner. It helped me for over a year.

Hook up a power steering pressure gauge and dead head the pump. It should make at least 800 psi if not a 1000psi. Do not dead head the pump for more than 5 seconds at a time or damage can occur.

If your pump can produce decent psi when dead headed suspect leaking seals in your rack/ gearbox.