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Power Steering Return Line play


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July 8, 2010
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92 XLT
Taking a closer look at my leaky power steering I noticed the connections between the reservoir and, what I think is, the return line can be wiggled quite significantly; looks like two bolts connecting, ya know. Can that line of hose be replaced without doing the pump? I'm curios how that connection works. I don't mind the whine and its only on 31s so if I can just get it sealed then that's cool with me .

Beck/Arnley Power Steering Pressure Hose
Part No. 109-2106

I think this is what I need to replace, yeah?

Thank you!

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Yes, you can just replace the line and reuse the pump.

Those are "flare" fittings. Just turn out like a regular bolt.

Recommend using a Crows foot line wrench. The material is soft and this will make getting the fittings off a snap: Metric set for these trucks


Right on, thank you. Was the part I listed correct? Is the pump side of the connection still good?

Yes, and yes. Both of the connections come with the hose, just unscrew and replace.

Advance has a 30 percent off coupon on line if you dig for it. Both lines and a gallon of PS fluid was 32 bucks. I did invest in a set of SAE crowsfoot that were helpful. I just did the return line that was leaking BAD. I didn't bleed it though the fluid looked like it was circulating. I don't want to get too crazy on the 4.0 while it lasts..

Thank you again.

Don't buy the part I listed. Cheaper available!


Mine is also a bit loose. I inquired about this as well many years ago, and was told it is normal. I left it alone and have not had any problems with it as it is.

Mine was leaking like crazy at connection on the bottom of the resevoir. It had to be done