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Power to multiple amplifers


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My sound system is still in the design it and buy it and put it in a box for later phase. On paper I have run into a question in my plans.

I will be running two separete amps, both relatively low out put Alpines.
One 4-ch under the seat for the 4 door speakers,
one 1-ch in the quarter panel trim, for the sub.

Will I need a distro block or can I just run a jump from one amp?

I am to assume runnine the trigger from amp A to amp B will be accepatable, correct?

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I would go with a fused distro box. yes you can split the remote. With more than two I would use a relay, but 2 was fine for me for a long time.

it would probaly be best to just run a distro. box for the two seperate amps.............

thats wut i did when ever i installed a two amp system for my friend................

but i could be wrong ??:confused:


I have 4 amps in my X and I definately reccomend putting in a distribution block. I can not tell you how many times I have blown a fuse in my distro block that if I had not had it it would have been a blown amp. Saved me a ton of $$$$. But to answer your question, yes you CAN run power from one to the other, I just don't reccomend it. As far as the remote, i have all 4 of my amps run off the same remote wire. It is just a simple on/off wire.

I just installed a new system this weekend this is what i did. Ive got a MTX6500D (500wrms x 1 @ 2ohms) pushing two 12s. I didnt know **** at the time so i had it installed with an fused 8 guage power and ground wire. I never thought that it might be too of a wire for a 500 watt amp since 8 guage was what MTX recommeded on their install instructions. So i happily bumped along for like half a year. I never had any problems with the 8 guage wire except that the wiring kit the 8 guage came in only had a 30 amp fuse. So one day when i was listening to slayer REALLY loud i blew the fuse in the power wire. Replaced the fuse with a 40amp and everything is kosher.

As you guys know once you get a little, you always thirst for more. So i ordered some infinity perfect 6.1s and a MTX 8302 (75wrms x 2 @ 4 ohms) to power them. When i got the new amp i was surprised to find that MTX recommended 4 guage for this amp. WTF? Why would this amp which at max output pushes 300 watts need a 4 guage wire when my 500 watt amp only needs 8? Well i figured i would need a distribution block to run my two power wire now. Well i found out that you can only run certain configurations of wire into and out of the blocks. Such an a 4 guage input then two 8 guage outputs, or on 0 guage input and two 4 guage outputs. Well seeing as im a cheap ass and didnt want to spend a butload of money on 0 guage to run to the distribution block then 4 guage to run to the amps and for ground wires, i just bought a 4 guage wiring kit and hooked up the my second amp like I only had one.

I now have two power wires coming off the positive terminal of my battery both are protected by fuses. It will look a bit cleaner if you ran the single line into the distribution block then into your amps, but you find your self in a situation like i did, you can always run two wires.

Just put the distro on the fire wall or something like that?

Thanks people !!!

put the distribution block as close to the amps as possible. i'm going to run 0 gauge to a dist. block and then 4 gauge from there to one amp and 8 to another in the near future. the 8/4 gauge part will be less than two feet long each. also remember to use a good ground. i'll be grounding with one size larger wire than is going into the amp.

Cool man,

It is all on paper right now, and in a few cardboard boxes. I recon as budget goes mid spring.
I'll keep you in the loop.