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power window confusion


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February 19, 2008
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Houston, Tx
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'93 Sport - '03 Ranger
the passenger side power window switch doesnt work. i can put the window down via the drivers side switch so that leads me to believe the motor is good. the switch has all the wires connected but maybe its not getting power? any ideas?

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change the switch, same thing happened to me. i got a spare one if you wanna buy it off me..im kinda far though..lol.

where can i find a replacement switch (other than Canada?ha)??
is it pretty easy to do?
is there a fuse for this switch that doesnt also run to the other window?

if the switch is malfunctioning you could try this instead of buying a new one.

first take the cover off of the switch unit (rocker arm part) should be 4 little clip dimples that you have to pry carefully off ( remember every thing on a first gen x that is plastic is BRITTLE)

next try to find a small and thin as possible double sided file and slowlly file the arc points ( look like little metal waffers) smooth.

put the switch back together .

if that dont work then you can get a new one from lmc.com i think there $8 new.

hope this helps out .


my experience with trying to fix my switch was bad, didnt work....found a doner one and used that, as well i grabbed all the other switches just in case, lol.

hey leefhead i can tell you that if your at a junk yard looking for those type's of switches they area rare ,every explorer i looked at at pullapart ( local yard) almost all of them go like water :eek:

oh and yeah the repair can work or not ,i managed to get one side to work while the other was still dead ,i ended up getting used ones from a newlly arrived explorer at the yard,luckilly i got all i could before the were scarffed up !

hahaha, i got mine from a buddy that had a parts explorer for his bronco 2 with an explorer engine. got a whole bunch of stuff off that ex since he didnt need it. door panels (all 4), inside door handles (all 4), hood, fender, bumper, ect, ect, ect, lol.