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power window locks gone screwy


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August 16, 2007
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Explorer '93 XLT 4x4 4L
my 93 ex xlt has power windows. the driver door switchs are the only buttons that work with the locks on. when i turn the locks off nothing works at all. so i removed the switch panel to find that when i turn the locks off a wire that runs from the switch gets really hot. to the point where it starts to melt the casing. obviously i have a short in that circut some where. i've had the door pannels off but seen nothing .
if i cut the wire that heats up will my will my windows start working
its winter now so i dont need the windows to work but summer is coming so having working windows will be a must
i will look tomorrow to see what colour the wire is that heats up

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I would try a different set of switches if possible, and pull the fuse in the meantime. Melting wire = burned truck.

It would be good to have your windows working properly ASAP, you never know if you will need to get out fast.

changed the switch once allready and nothing changes.
where can i find a wiring diagram for the truck?
going to start poking around with a voltage meter?

I'd start with a Chilton's manual, trace the wires, make sure the grounds are ok.

It might be simply a short in a broken wire, or the motor may have an internal fault.

I don't know if this is a common issue, I've never heard of it. Done a search?

starting my search with this.
its not any of the motors. the windows will work with the drivers side switchs but none of the other door switchs. that tells me the window lock is on.
when i turn the lock off they still dont work and my dash gauges go crazy and the wire on the window lock switch heats up. is there any relays on that circit?
where can i find a wiring diagram for the windows

I did a quick search for you and came up with the Autozone web site, they have lots of diagrams available. It looks as though the power window system is pretty much isolated, there aren't any relays though. The ground for the power window system is in the driver's kick panel area, the wiring harness is behind the parking brake assembly. I would check the ground, then for a broken/chafed through wire that might be grounding out. You may end up chasing the entire harness right to the other doors.


thanks for your help!
Ill check it out