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Power Window Problem


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April 17, 2010
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95 XLT
Hi guys. I'm having a problem with the power windows in my 95 two door Explorer. Neither driver side window switch works (door locks and mirror control do work). The window switch on passenger door does work. I have the driver side door panel off and there is no power at the switches. No power at the light blue black wire. #12 fuse at the dash appears to be good. I swapped the # 3 and # 4 fuse under the hood as a test - no change. I checked under the wiring boot between the door and the door frame. The wiring looks excellent. I isolated the light blue black wire under the boot and it looks good. I also pierced it (under the boot) with the wire tester - no power there. Any ideas or recommendations on proceeding from here?


Thanks unclemike. still have the door apart... more fun this weekend.

If you aren't getting power at the switch AND you haven't found it "along the way" with your "pin probe", you need to keep following the "crumbs"... :) head towards the relay module, there is splice there IIRC