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Power Window Regulator

916 Explorer

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October 30, 2006
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I have a 1992 Explorer XLT and my passenger rear window (power) stopped working. I took it to a shop in Las Vegas and he said that the rear window power regultor was out. After listening to it, he said that it was working but just not catching or something like that and said that part needed to be replaced. Just this past summer, the rear driver side went out while I was driving. This window appears to make the same noise that the passenger side is making. The noise sounds like it is trying to pull it up or down, but no dice. I have been looking for this part online, however nobody appears to have the rear window power regulator. Can anybody help me out??:rolleyes:

Can you hear the motor running inside of the door? If you can hear the motor running but the window isn't moving the bushings in the motor might have split and / or broken. Have someone press the "up" side to the window button and HELP IT UP by putting your hands together on both sides of the glass at the same time. Lift up and help the window slide upwards. THEN, check the DOWN direction again and see if it lowers. If it lowers and doesn't go up it sounds like bad motor bushings. They are only a nylon-type product and go bad quicker than normal if you WRENCH the power windows up real tight over and over again. The bushings for my 1989 Mustang GT Convertible were available at AutoZone a couple of years ago.

A window REGULATOR will probably be a wrecking yard item. I would check the window motor bushings first. If you decide to remove the window motor look for tips on this site on the how-to's of doing this because if your window motors have never been removed before there might be drilling you will need to do on the door(s) themselves to give you easy access to the window motor retaining bolts.