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Power windows and locks wiring diagram for 98 5.0 Explorer?


July 1, 2011
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1998 Explorer 5.0L V8
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone had wiring diagrams for the power windows and locks on a 98 5.0 Explorer?

I'm having intermittent problems with the front passenger window not responding to its switch and also not responding to its switch on the driver's side. The window motor itself works, tested by 12v/Ground wires direct from the battery.

It seems the two passenger window wires are White/Yellow stripe and Red/Yellow stripe, but then they seem to change gauge after the passenger side connector under the glove box, is that normal?

Driver's side door unlock also doesn't work, but lock on the same switch does work. Does anyone know which wire is responsible? All doors unlock with keyfob so the actuators should be ok.

So far I took the boots off both front doors and couldn't find any broken wires inside. Now I'm using pins to pierce the insulation and check for power down the side cable race.

Does anyone know how the wire harness is routed? After the race under the left rear door does the wire harness loop under the carpet behind the back seats and head up to the passenger side? Do I need to check all the way back to the tailgate?

Any help would be very appreciated!

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+1 on this site; great information. Other place to look for a wiring problem is under the rear driver side door sill. There is a junction there that corrodes and can disable lock switch connections back to the relays and RAP module back in the driver side cargo area. Lock wires are pink/yellow; unlock are pink/lt green. Good luck.

Thanks guys! That site is very helpful.

For the passenger window problem, it works intermittently so its hard to find the bad spot on the wire, if it was broken straight through it would be easier.

I noticed that tugging a bit on the wire bundle in the left rear door sill gets it working again. I pull lightly where the cables make a right angle and loop behind the back seats to the passenger side. I can't see under the carpet and may need to pull it up, but I guess the wire must be bad somewhere back there. Any tips for narrowing down the problem spot? If I can't find the exact break do I run a long length of new wire behind the back seats and splice/solder them on where I have better access at the door sills?

The door unlock wire is definitely the pink/light green stripe wire. I'm using a ground(green)/power(red) probe from Harborfreight http://www.harborfreight.com/computer-safe-automotive-logic-probe-98709.html

Back probing the pink/yellow lock wire from the bottom of the switch, it gets connection at the switch, and clicking the switch flips the polarity, the probe light switches color from green to red and all the doors lock.

Back probing the pink/ltgreen unlock wire at the switch gets connection but won't change color when the switch is clicked. Does this mean the switch itself is bad and the wire run is ok? or maybe a short to ground?