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power windows


April 21, 2013
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1999 explorer
The power windows in my '99 Explorer won't work. I pulled down the rubber boot in the left front door,and there was a blue/black wire that was broke about 2" down from the cylinder mounted on the door. I can not find the other end of the wire! I took off the kickboard,and pulled up the carpet ,but could not find this wire in the harness. This has me stumped! Any advise would be much appreciated.

Based on the wiring diagram, a lt blue/black wire looks like it is associated with the window lock switch. Broken wires in the door bundle are pretty common - you should find both ends in there. Splice a short length of wire between the two ends and see if that fixes it. Good luck.

Thanks,bobflood,I found the wire,and followed what you suggested. I soldered in a splice,and it works great!