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power wire ? 04 Limited


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July 16, 2009
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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2004 Explorer Limited
Where do people usually run there power wire thru the fire wall on these vehicles? If it matters, the battery is on the drivers side..hopefully there's a good location so i don't have to drill a hole..

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there is a safe area to drill a hole. Right next to the hood release cable. Nothing in the way to mess up :D
Just go to an autoparts store and get a rubber gromment

i just ran one, you might find something better . . .
On the passenger sided there are two vacuum lines which run through the firewall about half way down about a 1/2" below i drilled the hole, very thin metal, good flat spot, wire comes out just behind the jute backing. From the inside it almost looked like it was pre-punch.

another option is to run partially under the body and come up through one of the drains in the floor aswell or put a grommet in the floor if the drilling point is easier to access than the firewall. Or you can run the whole wire underneath the vehicle and come up at the rear if you like. This method is what I typically do for running multiple 1/0 runs of wire

Behind this:

There's this:

From the inside comes near the brake pedal:

With the flap closed: