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Powering headunit problem


May 10, 2000
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Durham, NC
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1996 Sport 4WD
I've discovered that pin 8 (memory) of the grey connector (8 pin connector) in my Dash has 0V on it. This is the pin that is supposed to be at battery voltage and is un-switched, so regardless of ignition switch it is supposed to be always on.

This is causing me problems hooking up a new headunit into it (the headunit won't function until it sees 12V+ on this pin). I've used an alligator clip to do a workaround to ensure the unit works (and it does).

So, my question is, has anyone else come across the memory wire having 0 volts going to it. Or, have I blown a fuse somewhere that is causing this? If so, what should I be looking for. I have checked the fuse near the battery, and also the fuses labelled for radio in the fuse panel near the drivers door.

I'm contemplating splicing into the harness to get round this problem, but I can't help think that there may be an underlying reason for this. Anyone know what fuses are in series with this wire?


Go through and check all the fuses in the fuse box. The fuse labeled "radio" is only for the switched ignition source, not the constant. Depending on what year you have, the constant power will be tied in with some other fuse. Check your owners manual or just pull every fuse, I'm sure you'll find one :)

Found da problem!

Thanks guys. I did find the problem. It was a blown fuse (fuse # 29). I
determined this from looking at the circuit diagram in my Haynes manual.

The fuse-diagram in my owners manual calls this the 'audio' fuse. I checked
the radio fuse orignally but I must have overlooked this one.

Just for fun I connected up my old stereo (which had a non working front
panel)....works just fine now. I know exactly what happened now....I had
finished replacing the bulb on one of my dash lamps. I then reinstalled the
stereo with the battery connected. The action of connecting the stereo blew
the fuse. I then assumed that the headunit (now 10 years old) had been
statically shocked or had given up the ghost....so I purchased a new
stereo....oh well...