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Pre-Out on Factory Headunit?


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August 20, 2000
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Charlotte, NC
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'00 XLT
Does my factory Premium audio package on my 2000 XLT have preouts for an amp and sub? Thanks for the input.

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No, you'll just go out and get a line out converter, which are very common, and there's not really much a difference between brands. You'll just splice into speaker wire, and the converter will give you RCA level outputs. That's about as good as it gets without a new head unit.

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i agree with Jtang, but you will be happiest with a new head unit.

Previous advice is definitely the best. A new Head Unit will give you better Signal-Noise Ratio, adequate RMS power for door speakers, and built in RCA outs, most have 4 or 8 volt outs now. You'll barely spend more on a new head, sub and 1 amp than you would for multiple amps on the factory unit.

Okay so I have speaker wires going to my 4 door speakers. To add a sub and an amp. I would have to get a "line out converter." This would splice one of my speaker wires and make an rca output. Will that sound okay and stuff when I add a sub and amp? Will it affect the performance of that speaker? Thanks for the input already!

To most ears, using speaker level inputs will not make a noticeable noise. To more trained ears, you may hear a slight hum when you turn on the stereo and a slight hiss at high volume, but most likely, you won't notice a thing.

I agree with all of the above as well. Most people don't have any problem with line out converters at all, and under average road conditions you won't hear anything at all as long as it is properly spliced and isn't grounded unintentionally in any way. Since it's going to a sub, if you use the internal crossover if you have one in the amp, it will most likely even eliminate the whining. You will most likely tap into the rear speaker, as then you'll sort of have upfront control of the sub by fading from front to back unless the amp has its own bass knob.

I personally think "line out converter" are trash... I got one for my friend and it produce more high sounds the lows... Unless you got a better crossover for your amp i would just recommend a new head unit...