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July 16, 2015
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southern California
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2000 ford explorer
got myself a 2000 explorer 5.0 v8 a few months ago. immediately started tear down and got rid of the entire interior. i wanted it super basic as this is going to be an off road only vehicle for me. Got some new wheels and some 33" general grabbers, did a full roll cage that is not quite done but will be once im ready to do the suspension. currently working on a custom dash and center console, installed a 50" curved LED as well as some more LED's inside and in the rear.
Ordered a flashing red and white light but they send me all yellow so for now its staying like that til i get a new one.

Future plans.

I have 14" king coilovers that will be going in the front on a full custom long travel setup that should put me around 18" of travel. Also doing a deaver leaf pack with 18" shocks in the rear.

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Looks like you're off to a good start. Unfortunately there aren't many desert truck builds on this site, and not even much interest in them, but I look forward to seeing more of yours. Why 14s on the front? Seems unnecessarily long for an A-arm front end. 10" or 12" is most commonly used. What kit are you going with, or are you building it yourself?

realized i havent updated this in awhile and ive made some changes from my original plan. I got myself a BTF long travel race kit for the front that will do 17" of travel with 10" fox coils and tripple bypasses. The rear has deaver leafs and just some 18" sway away external reservoir shocks for now. I have installed the leafs but havent done any other suspension yet. Did a lot of work on the interior making the dash and center console.

I dont know why this is upside down. its shown the right way in my photos


Can you post pictures of the rear shock setup, both upper and lower mounting positions? I've been thinking about getting 18" Sway Aways for mine too but I'm worried they'll end up needing to be mounted way high up in the back.

Dont have the rear shocks mounted yet. ill post pictures when i get that finished, should be within a few weeks. Did some more work to the dash tho and ill try to post more pictures and hopefully they are not up side down

Definitely interested in seeing this through

Got some work done over the last couple months. got the rear shocks mounted and finished up most of the rear cage. it just needs a tire mount, light mounts and a few other small things. Just had all the shocks and bypasses rebuilt and properly valved and will be going in this weekend as well as the engine cage.




Looking good! What axle are you running? And can you get a shot of where you mounted the shocks on the axle? I have 18" Swayaways I might run on the rear of mine too and want to get an idea of where to mount them. Thanks.

Hey what lightbar did you use and how did you mount it. Can you show some more pictures on it? Thanks!

yeah ill get some more pictures of the shock mounts. the light bar is ghetto rigged terribly right now. im going to weld new mounts to the roof but farther back to reduce glare. a 32" will be going on the bumper with a few pods.

$3800 for the BTF kit. its built really well and looks very strong i dont see how i can break it.

I've been wanting to get some dealers for my sport but haven't found much info on them did you go with race pack? And we're they just able to bolt up or did you have to do some fabbing get them mounted.
Really nice build btw, kinda were I want to take ,mine into the future

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I dont remember exactly which ones they were but they bolted right up to the stock pockets and shackles. Going to try it like that first and see how it does but ill probably end up mounting the shackles above the frame rail and making them longer.