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Premium Sound Amp replacement


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August 22, 2004
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Lynchburg, Va
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94 limited
We have a 94 Limited with the premium JBL sound system. We appeared to have lost the sound quality of the bass speaker in the rear, we replaced the speaker with no improvement so we are in the process of replacing the separate bass amp. This system uses a primary amp to drive all of the regular speakers, and a output of that amp to a separate smaller amp to drive the single bass speaker. The output consists of 3 wires, 1 clear insulation, 1 black insulation, and 1 no insulation. I need to know what wires have which signals on them. My assumption is that the two insulated wires are left and right signal, and the ground is un-insulated and common to both. however it does
not function when I wire it that way, it works about half way if I use the clear and black insulated as signal and ground (in that order). At this point the output of the main amp is suspect (maybe bad) but until I know what the signals are supposed to be on these lines I won't know for sure. Does anyone know for sure what signals these lines are supposed to have on them?

are you trying to install an aftermarlet amp to replace the stock amp? if you are those wires will not work for you.

Yes,I'm replacing it with a Fosgate 200s. What is unique about those output lines?