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Preparation for removing swirl marks?

Hey guys. Tomorrow its supposed to be nice (almost 70!...good for March in Missouri) I was hoping I could get the X washed, & waxed while removing swirl marks. I've never done this as I've never really had a vehicle that was good enough to do it on.

So below is my list of what I think I should do. Someone correct what I have wrong so I can do this RIGHT!!

1. Dawn dish soap to remove all old wax
2. Wash with car soap, rinse & dry
3. Apply swirl mark remover (How many coats?)
4. Polish
5. Wax (How many coats?)

I'm not really sure but I think that's right except I'm not sure if polish would go on before or after the wax. I would think before so that the wax holds the shine better.....if anyone knows different for my list please correct it.

ALSO!!!! What should I use when washing, drying, waxing and buffing off all this stuff? Should I use microfiber all around or what?


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Slip a clay bar treatment in between your number 1 and 2 operations. At the very least use 100% cotton made in USA terry towels. MF towels would be preferable.


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Definately go the claybar route as The X mentioned.

Swirl remover isn't so much a matter of coats because it isnt like wax and doesn't stay on the paint once its wiped off. Swirl remover's work is done in the application. It is a matter of pressure, when doing it by hand expect to spend a significant amount of time on each panel before you see good results.