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Preparing for a Ranger 5.0 swap, what issues am I likely to encounter?

Hopefully this will be my last thread before the swap actually begins. Copying & Pasting from my thread on TRS because I know there is a lot of experience here that doesn't seem to visit there much. Thinking about @410Fortune in particular. Will likely post in other forums and groups as well to collect as much information as possible.

I'm preparing for my engine swap to hopefully start in about a month. Planning for the week of president's day and to have the full week to dedicate to the swap. The intent is to roll the donor into the shop on a Saturday, and roll out a V8 swapped Ranger on the following Saturday or Sunday. I will have a few weekends following to iron out issues, but it would be best if it's moving under its own power at the end of that week.

The donor is a 2000 Explorer 5.0L AWD, I have the complete running and driving vehicle. The recepient is my 1999 Ranger 4.0L auto 4x4. The goal is 1999 Ranger 5.0L AWD that is slightly lowered (for a 4x4). In addition to the donor vehicles, I have a set of OBX headers and components for front live axle conversion. Also have some items for lowering (torsion keys, shortened shackles, etc) but I know that lil_Blue_Ford (TRS user with similar build) encountered issues with driveshaft lengths and/or angles so that part of the project might wait until I get the swap complete and driving.

Reading through the tech articles the '00 Explorer AWD to '99 Ranger 4wd seems like a straight forward, bolt-in swap when retaining the AWD transfer case. My experience says that these projects will never actually be that way.

In effort to be as prepared as I can before starting I want to ask the swap gurus around here. What am I missing? What components will I need that are not included in the two vehicles? What snags and gatchas am I likely to encounter that are not included in the swap articles?

So far I know that I'll have to tackle PATs, but that is a documented issue. I am prepared to tackle it in two ways. I can swap over the PATs from the Explorer and get a second key made later, or (preferred) I can use ForSCAN to mate the Ranger's PATs to the Explorer ECU.

I've read something about AC pressure switches, but the vehicles in that swap article don't exactly match my configuration due to different years and/or engine options. I also don't recall seeing that mentioned in other swaps. Is this something I am likely to actually encounter and what is the fix? I won't need AC when I start the swap, but this is Georgia so it'll be a must soon. Aside from this potential snag I intend to directly swap the entire intact AC system with the engine.

Same article mentioned a solenoid wire plug:

Solenoid Wire Plug

This plug is right underneath the lines that come off the abs.

The Ford Explorer and the Ford Ranger plug do not match up. (I think they were both male)

What solenoid are they talking about? Starter solenoid? This article was for a '00 Ex into a '98 Ranger, not a '99 Ranger. Still an issue?

Oil cooler adapter, can I retain it? Atleast one article says that it has to be replaced with a plain 90 degree adapter or with a remote filter kit. I know that is an issue on TTB, TIB, and SLA coil spring trucks. The front frame of the Torsion Bar SLA Rangers is practically the same as the Explorer. Can it really not be used? I'm not saying I'd want to keep it forever, but I'd prefer to keep it for sake of getting the thing swapped and running.

Hoping some of the gurus around here will chime in with their unpredictables (atleast for the uninitiated). I know I'm still likely to encounter some, but I want to be as prepared as I can. My concern is expensive items I won't know about, or unexpected parts that may stop work for several days or weeks. I want to plan and prepare for as many of those items as I can.


PS: Hope this is understandable and not too full of typos. I'm exhausted and eyes messed up, so I'm not thinking or reading clearly as I should be. I've delayed on posting this thread too many times and don't want to put it off any longer.

this is what i did, and needed to change. it is for a explorer however.


I have a few ranger v8 threads including detailing all the wiring

Your swap is very straight forward basically everything bolts up
You will have some wiring to do
Some exhaust
And some drivelines
Otherwise 99% bolt up deal

I will post up some links to my ranger v8 threads
They will show you wire by wire how to get the alternator/ starter harness, pats system, and all under hood and truck wiring done

Looking forward to seeing it!