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prepping plastic

Ok, I searched around and this is what I've come up with for prepping the plastic trim:

-some people said 200, others said 600 grit sand paper (it matter if wet or dry?) any special technique to sanding?

-prime it (what type of primer?)

tape off, sand, prime, sand, prime, sand, paint.

That sounds about right? I just need to know what grit to use and when

I'm worried about using masking tape to tape off - will it take off the clearcoat when I take it off? My friend's 95 civic had something painted, and they used masking tape to tape something off, and when they removed it, it took a nice chunk of clearcoat with it.

Also, how long do I need to let the paint dry before I apply clearcoat? And lastly... I need to repaint a corner on my rear bumper... I've heard that I can just repaint that part and then blend it in w/ the rest. Does blending just consist of pulling the paint gun slowly further away from the paint as you get further from the repaited spot?


any how-to pics would be helpful =P

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also - do I HAVE to prep the plastic? I can't just simply paint over what is already there?

You will need to rough up the surface to give the paint something to hang on to. After sanding you should also wash the parts to remove any oils/grease that may be present (I use regular dish soap). As for masking you can use the blue masking tape (it has a lower adhesive) and will come off much easier.

Think of painting like rock climbing...It is much earsier for the paint (the climber) to stick to a rock face that has many irregularities rather than one that is smooth...

3M red scuff pads is what we always use.
hit it with some anti-static degreeser.

Blending clear will require wet sanding and buffing.
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