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Prepping Truck for long drive


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November 9, 2005
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Toronto, ON
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'00 Explorer 4WD
I'll be reviewing all the helpful threads in this forum over the next week or two. I already benefited from the "How to" hub replacement thread last year. It was definitely worn out. I still have a light grinding sound, and I suspect the CV joints on the same side. Guess I'll have to pop for that now too.

I'm planning a long drive out west. From Toronto, to Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, up to Inuvik, and then back home. With stops along the way, I expect we'll be four weeks on the road. One of those long, once in a lifetime type road trips. I estimate around 15,000km in total.

So, I'll be changing all fluids and filters. I noted a thread on how to fix the fading radio display, so I'll be on the soon.

Any other advice?

I think Trevor, who can fix your radio display, is in Seattle. If my geography is right, maybe you can stop by and see him.