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Pricing for 2007 Ironman


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October 8, 2008
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2nd Post, sorry guys I did not give all the info. It is a 2007 Ironman, no
sunroof, no compass and no self-dimming rear view mirror. I forgot to mention
that it is a V-6. It is at a Toyota dealer so I figure they took it in on a
trade and want to get rid of it. So, is $16,500 a good price? As an aside,
I plan to offer him less. Thanks for the help

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Go for it.

$16,500 is good but if this is the Toyota dealership I am thinking of offer $15,500. Please tell me it is 4x4, I know that the dealerships there will rope you in on a 4x4 ad and then try to sell you a 2WD. The 4.0 V-6 isn't a bad engine. This is my third Explorer and I never had engine problems.

I would try $14,500 as my first offer, and I will explain why. Explorer prices are in the tank right now and I am willing to bet the Toyota dealer bought the Explorer from Ford sponsored auction, and from what I have seen selling at the auctions, the dealer might have 12k in that Explorer if that much, Ford auctions have been letting them go cheap, especially for ones with little equipment. $16,500 is way to much. Is the Explorer a 4x4?, If it is not a 4x4, $16,500 is way, way to much.

WTF is a ironman? Sorry im new