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Primer absorbs water...?


This is how the x looks now and till I am outta school and have money to paint it. I had someone tell me that it would be good to throw a layer of spray paint ove the primer because over the winter it might abrob a bit of water and I would get little rust spots around the edges.

Is there any truth to this?


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Yep, primer is porous. It has to be so the top coat will adhere properly. If you leave it just in primer, there is a good chance you will get some rust. Easiest thing to do is go get some spray cans and put a couple of coats on to protect it. May not be purdy, but it will protect the metal.

Well looks arent very important right now (as you can see). Will this make more work for the painter (ie will it cost me more money) once I get it painted? I cant see it being any more work because he would have to sand it all down anyway..


Nope, won't make a difference in price by having the paint there, but might make a difference in rust repair if you don't.

Yes it is a little understood fact. JDraper's idea to put something over it is a good idea.... now mind you, we are talking rattle can primer. There are some urethane primers out there that ARE ok as is.... but not what the usual DIY'er is spraying.... tey come from auto paint stores are are usually mixed as 2 or 3 parts.... and need a spray gun, and have a pot life....

This was not a DIY'er. I have been trying to contact the guy who did it but he is gone for a week so I thought i would ask everyone here. So, there is a possibilty that I dont need to spray paint over it?


If it's a primer/sealer, it should hold up ok. I assumed it was a regular primer...better safe than sorry.

There IS a possibility... if it was a component product (sometimes referred to as 2K or 3K)... but it will need to be block sanded before your paint job anyway (or might as well be) so no harm in putting a light coat of rattle can lacquer on it.... like JDraper says, better safe than sorry... but ask your painter... you MAY be ok...

Cory, sprinkle a few drops of water on the primer. If it's an epoxy type primer, the water will stay on the surface, like it does on a painted surface. If it's lacquer primer, you can see the water spreading out and soaking into the primer surface, in which case you should spray something over it.

I phoned my painter and he said it has a good epoxy base so I dont have to worry about it. Thanks for all the input guys.