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Primer Question

Ok, i am in the middle of some body work to the X (welding in repair panels, ect.)

after all the body work is done i plan on just leaving it primered till all the spots are done and ready for a paint job. The vehicle is my daily driver so it will see rain. so that leads me to the question..

i bought some White Dupli-color sandable primer(see link below) because it was BOGO and i read somewhere that it might be a "porous type primer?". Which if it is it will not be suitable for the rain conditions ect. it will see till i get the rest of the body prep'd for paint. so im guessing i just wasted $15 for 6 cans? Ha. (on the good side, good to have around i guess)

i then read somewhere that i should use a Epoxy Primer because it is waterproof? is that true? i just want to make sure i get the right "type" of primer for my situation.

any input Is appreciated. and thanks in advance cause i'm having computer problems and only able to get on when it wants to let me.

Went to the local automotive paint supplier this morning and talked it over w/a guy there. the Epoxy primer is what i need. so i went ahead and got some Omni Epoxy primer(2 part). now i get some mixing/spraying experience :).

hopefully the spray gun i got will do the job fine. im running out of $$ Ha.