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Priming Oil Pump 4.0 OHV


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October 10, 2006
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Wall Township, New Jersey
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1991 EB 4dr
Hey guys,

I'm on the brink of firing up my rebuilt 4.0 for the first time. Trying to make sure I have Oil Pressure - I pulled the Fuel Pump Relay and spark plugs and am cranking it in short bursts to get oil pressure.

Is it normal to see the low oil pressure light/lamp when key in crank position? I don't see the oil lamp illuminated in a normal key on- engine running position?


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Fired the truck up, no Oil Light, but sure has one noisy clacking noise. Ran the truck for about 5 minutes and it hasn't gone away - do some lifters take much longer than this to pump up?

My lifters took probably a good 15min to pump up.