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Pro Comp Series 69


May 13, 2005
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Augusta, GA
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88 Bronco II
Sorry in advance for yet another wheel questions...

Anyone have knowledge of Pro Comp Series 69? I have a lot of confusion as to what 15 inch wheels can be used on a Sport Trac. I am looking at the 15x10s with -47 mm of offset. Anyone running these wheels?

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I just wanted to update this thread in case someone else decided to try these wheels on their ST. I took a chance and order them because based on the description they seemed very similar to the soft 8s. The big difference is they are half the weight.

They will work on the ST just fine. I have minimal distance between the caliper and wheel, but it works. :thumbsup:

Glad you could confirm. That should help the next person. I guess nobody here had those wheels or didn't see your post.

Yeah I wanted to confirm in case someone else needed the information later on.

Out of curiosity, how much clearance to you have between your caliper and the inner diameter of the steel wheels? I have about 1/4 inch. Pretty close but I think it will work fine since there is no movement between the caliper and wheel at all.

lets see pics please. im liking the look of these

I have 17" wheels so there's plenty of clearance. I couldn't speak to the 15s.