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Problem after changing driver side lower ball joint.


April 16, 2009
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Eastpointe, MI
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1995 Explorer Sport 4 dr
Changed the driver side lower ball joint yesterday. Everything was going good until the zerk screw snapped off in the ball joint. Had to tear it back down and was able to get it out with a drill. Thankfully it was not in real tight. Still lost an hour and a half!

Now for the questions...

The ABS is messed up now. When coming to or after stopping the pedal vibrates. Did a forum search and I am going to remove the sensor and clean it really good and see what happens.

The truck is also now hesitating upon acceleration and the idle stumbles once in a while. Could this be related to the ABS? Seems like a bad spark plug or something. It did not start doing it until after the ball joint was replaced.

I don't want to start throwing new parts at it if it might be related. Any help would be appreciated...

95 4dr Sport