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Problem Filling up


October 12, 2004
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Southwick, MA
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2002 Eddie Bauer
ok for a couple days now everytime i fill up, the gas pump cust off every 5 seconds if i open it fully, and its been at 3 different gas stations, and no matter what position i put the nossle in it does this. so i have to lift up ever so lightly and it take me a easy 15 minues to fill up. any one got any ideas?

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Rotate the handle to nearly the twelve o'clock position. Or manually hold the flap open with your finger as you fill. I know you said you tried all angles but it sounds like a venting problem.

I have had that issue and it seems to happen when the nozzle is inserted too far in. I just pull it out some until it will stay running. I believe it is a venting issue and pulling it out some allows it to vent properly.

Sometimes the pressure switches on the gas pumps are too sensitive. Never had a problem with the Explorer, but then again, I've only gotten fuel at one station.

If nothing changed as far as your fuel tank, filler neck hose, etc. then the only explanation I can give is that it's the gas station's pressure switches kicking off too soon.

i work at a volkswagen dealership and we have multiple problems with this
concern and it ends up being the charcoal/evap cannister that plugs up causing the tank not to vent. im not sure if the systems are set up the same but something to look at