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Problem with early oil change warning message


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October 11, 2002
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San Diego, California
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2005 XLT
My 2005 explorer Message center reported it would soon need an oil change while I was test driving it (10,400 miles). The salesman reset it. Three days ago, it said reported the same meesage - so I read the manual and reset it - then turned off the key - turned it back on and went through the system checks and it reported the remaining oil life was 100%. I then checked to make sure the default 5,000 mile setting hadn't been tampered with - it hadn't. Today that warning came on again.

I suspect I have a defective message center computer. The manual says the message center will report this after 180 days or when the oil has almost 5000 miles on it. So far I've driven the truck under 200 miles and have had it under 2 weeks.

Does anyone know how the car determines when it has been 180 days? does it have a built-in calendar somewhere? The truck was built march 2005. I just got the technical shop manuals for it and there is no mention of this specific problem but after reading about the other types of problems that can happen with the message center, I suspsect the message center itself is having problems.

Any opinions or suggestions are very welcome. I have made absolutely sure that I followed the reset procedure, then verified the remaining life was 100% afterwards. Since this has happened 3 times in two weeks, I'm pretty sure I've got a problem going on.

Thanks everyone

Take it in for warranty and show them the problem.

This is GM's system, but it may be related:


Hope this helps