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problem with installing a new Head Unit


January 6, 2005
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95 xlt
i'm having a problem with replacing my stock HU with an aftermarket one

i purchased the new HU and the wiring harness my 95 XLT... on the wiring harness i have about 4 wires which dont connect to wires on the HU i was told this wasn't a big deal

when i connect the harness to the car's wiring harness the unit has no power

does anyone know what could be wrong?

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I would find out what color wires arent going into the HU,read what the writing says on the wires,and go from there with some basic knowledge.If you cant figure it out,go to a car audio place and they will tell you exactly what the problem is,probably for free.Hope this helps

Make sure that you hooked up the remote, 12v, and ground. With those wires alone you should have power, but no sound.

i think i've figured out the problem.. its not grounded

i've got one black wire coming off the deck that was previously connected directly to a bolt on the deck
and two black wires coming off the harness that dont connect to anything
what should i connect where?

Connect all blacks together.

new problem

i connected all the blacks together and now i have power

but the damn thing wont turn on?
it'll just eject CDs and stuff... wierd

What wire is the yellow power wire connected to?