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Problem with Superoir Kit Install

Bill MacLeod

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November 18, 2000
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Hamilton, Ontario
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06 Ltd V-8
Finally got around to installing the Ford seperator plate/blow-off valve this past weekend attempting to eliminate a 2/3 shift flare. At the same time, replaced the EPC solenoid and steps 1,2,3,6 &7 of the Superior shift kit.
(could not do step 4 as the valve/plug could not be removed.)

On the test drive, the o/d started to flash after a couple of minutes. Also noticed that the RPM's were a couple hundred higher in 5th (overdrive). There was no converter lock-up.

Had the code pulled this morning. P0741 (TCC System Performance or Stuck Off)

Now I did remove the TCC solenoid on the weekend and sprayed some brake cleaner into it. Is it possible the I screwed the TCC solenoid and this is causing the problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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You might follow the TCC solenoid after brake cleaner with WD-40 or some other lubricant while you apply power to move the solenoid piston/plunger....

That said... The P0741 code seems to sometimes pop up after this VB rebuild. In fact my only 5R55 VB return was because of this problem. I admit I am a little perplexed. I know in my case I sent a brand new TCC solenoid among other things (new harness, trans tester etc) and nothing worked, until we replaced the VB.

I am still thinking that the TCC modulator bore and TCC regulator bore are the culprits.... so much so that I have purchased the reamers to rebuild those bores in future rebuilds... or offer it as an option.

This creates some problems. A BRAND new (yeah they are still available) 5R55E VB is about $550 out the door. New everything. How do you price out several hours work tearing a VB completely down, reaming the bores and upgrading everything, and adding maybe a new EPC solenoid and offerrng it for about $450 in the face of that? (and the parts in that rebuild, would be about $350 - so the expertise, tooling (the reamers are about $500) and time are hard to factor but come out at $100.

Anyway don't know if my info helps or not. I may think about a teardown and TCC bores fix for a couple hundred. I am open to ideas. As for my open thinking about costs - I am not in this to make a lot of $$ but to help... I think my credentials speak for that....yet... geeze.... where does one stop the $$ bleeding on a problem tranny?

Well since I'm going to have to pull the pan again, I'm thinking of replacing the TCC.

Someone mentioned on their v/b rebuild, that they found many of the solenoids rather loose in the bores when the brackets was installed. They then slightly bent the edges of the brackets and it seemed to hold the solenoids somewhat tighter in the bores. I plan on checking this out at the same time.

As always, thanks for your input Glacier.

Bill did the changes you made solve your 2-3 shift flare or were you unable to check that out yet? One small thought on the TCC solenoid was to inspect/replace the o-rings as they get heat stressed and sometimes don't seal very well.


All shifts from 1/2, 2/3 & 3/4 seem to be just fine.(no flares) I would like more time before I would give you a definite yes. The 4/5 is obviously not ok .

I am going to replace the TCC in a week or two and go from there. I did notice that it was loose in the bore and will check that out with the new solenoid. Someone had mentioned bending the bracket to hold the solenoids tighter. This sounds like a good idea also.

Thanks for asking.


Replaced the TCC and results are the same. I guess next week the v/b will have to be removed to check for any errors or maybe misalignment.

Very fustrated by this whole ordeal.

Problem Found

I pulled the v/b and was not able to see any errors or omissions on my part, so took the truck to the tranny shop where I had bought the Superior Kit. The tech was very pleasant, had a good knowledge of the 5r55e and its known problems and was willing to pull the v/b and check things out. I made out a list of what I had modified and/or replaced.

After following in my "footsteps", what he discovered was that the converter clutch valve was in backwards.

Now when I first had the v/b out, when I removed the TCC solenoid to clean it, the valve and spring fell out of the bore when I had turned the v/b over. It is not held in with a retainer, so slides out easily. I cleaned out the bore, BUT, installed it backwards.

Feel like an a$$, but now the trans works very well, tech said the trans is in good shape (he checked pressure/seals), so live and learn. Cost me a few bucks, but could have cost ALOT more.

Thanks for sharing that with us. Often we don't want to let people know about our mistakes, yet sharing them is incredibly valuable. I certainly have made my share (and still do).