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Problems with 4wd


October 22, 2010
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'99 XLT
Hello all,
I have a 1999 4.0 sohc 4wd explorer. I recently started getting symptoms of the vehicle getting "stuck" in 4wd high. Basically the front tires would pop and bind during tight turns on dry pavement while in 4auto. The 4high and 4low lights also flash 6 times every couple minutes. There is no problem with the shift motor (will shift in and out of low range). With some research, I decided to replace the Hall effect speed sensors in the transfer case in the hopes that that was the issue. I replaced the easy one (right under where the rear driveshaft exits the t-case), but this did not solve the problem. With the weather being subpar, I decided to do the brown wire mod instead of tackling the other speed sensor. I've thus far had mixed results with the brown wire mod on solving the issue. If I start the vehicle in 4auto and the brown wire switch off, it seems to stay in 2wd (no binding). If I turn the brown wire switch on or engage 4hi via the dash (also with the switch on), the binding returns as expected. The problem comes when I try to disengage 4hi. Turning the brown wire switch off does disengage the transfer case (will spin the rear tires), but the front tires still bind up. Restarting the vehicle does not seem to do anything, except the next morning it will stay in 2wd if the brown wire switch is off. Any thoughts/ suggestions?
Thanks in Advance