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Problems with MAC performance (long story)


June 30, 2007
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Tucson, Arizona
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1998 XLT 5.0
I really don't like complaining. But I had to cancel my order with MAC because I felt like they were just giving me the runaround. Has anyone else had this happen? Did I do something wrong? It's also important to note that I'm not mad. I'm really disappointed. Since a lot of us run MACs I was excited to get mine, and to get kicked around like that is a bit disheartening. I REALLY didn't want to cancel my order, but felt like I had to.
Quick synopsis:
Ordered CAI for my 5.0 7/20
Called to ensure availability
Said it'd be made by 7/30 and shipped by 8/7
Called 8/1 to ensure build was finished.
They confirmed, and said it would ship next day, delivered in 4 days.
Called day after supposed ship date to confirm shipment
They said it wasn't even done being made.
Would called me when the production date would be known.
Called next afternoon, figured allowed for ample time to contact production manager
No contact from production manager
Reassured would call when he was contacted
2 more business days go by, no shipment, no call.
Canceled order on 8/11.
They seemed a little too eager to do that.
Called back (8/11)
Talked with manager and expressed my concerns despite the order already being canceled.
He gave me the number to two dealers of his for the intake. Had to leave message for both.
Contacted ExplorerExpress today (8/13)
Said they have 12 in stock.
Ordered Mine.
So I finally got mine ordered from a dealer that had one. It'll be here on Monday, they said. I can't wait!
Moral of the story, if Mac has to make it, it's going to take a ridiculously long time for them to make it, and they won't tell you that. If you can find it already made somewhere else, go there instead.