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Problems with the A/C

Gianni D

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December 10, 2006
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Quakertown, PA
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'99 XLT V6 (SOLD)
My A/C has been acting weird lately. It seems to be turning on the compressor constantly (it clicks more often than before). The A/C seems to be cooling ok, but I had it checked at VIOC and they told me it has leaked 2lbs of freon. I'm going to have it check ASAP ...

Has anyone here experienced this issue??

Sounds like you have a small leak somewhere. The system will cycle more when the pressure is down.

It's low on freon or other coolants if the compressor is cycling a lot. Mine did this and was leaking a fair amount. Fortunately I have a neighbor who is a commercial heating and air guy, he found a bad schrader valve on the high pressure side (I think) the replacement was found at the stealership for $4.00. After he purged the system I replaced the valve then he refilled the system. All has worked fine since then. Remember it is illegal to vent the refrigerant to atmosphere. it has to be reclaimed by law. So get someone who has the equipment and the knowledge so you are legal if you have to drain the system.