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ProComp Ranger Skid Plate


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December 3, 1999
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Penobscot, Maine
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'92 XLT
I have the James Duff Bumper on my 92 Explorer and it shows a lot more of the undercarriage than the original did with the air deflector. I would like to find a skid plate or make one to over up some of the axle and to protect the radiator from sticks. It is primarily for looks though and doesn't have to be that strong. I'm also probably going to remove the sway bar so I'll have additional clearance around there too. I'm looking at maybe trying to custom fit the procomp one for a 5 inch lifted 2WD Ranger, but I'm very nervous about paying $150 and then it not working out, but they are sharp looking. Has anyone else tried this, or any other type of skid plate for the TTB front end. Please advise.