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programing ing key


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November 25, 2007
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can i program a key if i only have one key ford says no but when i worked at a chevy dealer we told people that all the time just so we could make more money

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On the newer Pats system (I don't know about older) you can self program only if you already have 2 keys. If you only have one it needs to be hooked up to a machine that I've heard called a TKO machine.. no idea what it stands for.


being an 04 im sure its the newer system witch means im looking at 100 bucks for a fraking key

Call some local locksmiths and ask them how much to program a 2nd key to your 04. You can get keys cheap from ebay, you just need the locksmith to program the 2nd key. Once the 2nd key is programmed self program the 3rd key.. From then on you will always have 2 (assuming you replace them as you loose them).


The one key thing is true. If you don't have two keys to start, a vcm has to be hooked up to the truck to reset the sensor in the ignition and then reprogram the key(s)

just bought new key last week. was 65.00 per key . but while the lock smith was programing my sport trac he told me way to get ride of stupid key. want to know how???? cut off the chip in the one key you have and glue inside the steering colum cover and you can use keys with out chip . he told me to late or i would have done that its easy and allmost free then keys are 2.50 each? what do you think

that is what shops do when they install a remote start. They usually just glue a key to the dash behind the lock cylinder