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Programming Keyless Entry?

Sarah Lou

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February 14, 2009
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Kirklin, Indiana
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2006 Explorer Sport Wagon
We bought our 2006 Explorer Sport Wagon from Enterprise Car Sales in Indianapolis in Dec. They led us to believe we could find directions on re?programming the Keyless Entry. So far I can't find anything about it. Is there a way, other than taking it back to a dealership to get this done? Thanks!

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incase you can't find the sticky:

Keyless Entry Transmitter: Service and Repair
- All remote keyless entry (RKE) transmitters must be programmed at the same time.
- Programming of the RKE transmitters can be accomplished using a diagnostic tool or by carrying out the following steps:

1. The vehicle must be electronically unlocked before entering program mode using the RKE transmitter, RKE keypad (if equipped) or door lock control switch while the driver door is open.

2. Turn the key from OFF to RUN 8 times within 10 seconds, with the eighth turn ending in RUN. If the module successfully enters the program mode, it locks and then unlocks all doors.

3. Within 20 seconds, press any button on an RKE transmitter, and the doors lock and then unlock to confirm that each RKE transmitter is programmed. Repeat this step for each RKE transmitter.

4. If the door locks do not respond for any RKE transmitter, wait several seconds and press the button again. If the door locks still fail to respond, refer to Inspection and Verification. Make sure that no more than the maximum number of RKE transmitters are attempted to be programmed. See: Body and Frame/Locks/Power Locks/Testing and Inspection/Initial Inspection/Inspection and Verification

5. Exiting the programming mode is accomplished if one of the following occurs:
- The key transitions to the OFF position.
- Twenty seconds have passed since entering programming mode or since the last RKE transmitter was programmed.
- The maximum number of RKE transmitters have been programmed.

I have a 2002 Explorer. After removing and reinstalling the truck battery, my keyless entry will not work - this may be coincidence or not. Just wanted to give the background. I can get the vehicle to go into the programming mode for the keyless entry, but it won't respond to any key fobs. I even put new batteries in mine, even though they worked up until the day the truck battery was reinstalled. Then I tried my husbands Ford Keyfob, and still no response while in the programming mode. The door keypad also does not work. It lights up when any keys are pressed, so it is getting power, but when I enter my code, nothing happens.

Above it says "If the door locks do not respond for any RKE transmitter, wait several seconds and press the button again. If the door locks still fail to respond, refer to Inspection and Verification". What are the Inspection and Verification steps?


Does it have the autostart feature?

what is the build date of your truck??

before or after 03/2002

No it does not have the autostart feature, and I believe the build date was Oct 2001. I have made some progress. Some post on some forum suggested removing the neg battery cable to "reset" the system. I figured that since removing the battery started this problem, maybe this would help. With that done, I was able to get one key fob to work.

Interestingly enough, I could only get 1 response per 1 remove of the battery cable. I put another battery in the nonworking key fob, and tried to reprogram the two at the same time - no response again to EITHER key fob after it went successfully into reprogram mode. Then I removed the neg battery cable again, went into the program mode, and the 1 key fob will work again. I suspect a dead battery in the one key fob, but since I was switching those around so much, I don't remember which was in the originally working key fob. I'm going to go get a brand new battery for the 2nd key fob, pull the neg battery cable to reset the system, and see if I can get both key fobs to work tonight. I'll report back after.

However, still not working is the keypad. I'm wondering if the code I was given was the "Personal Code" and not the factory code, and with that personal code lost, I need the factory code. I'll be re-reading all those posts on how to find the factoy code on my year/model.