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Programming keyless remote fob issues


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April 12, 2015
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2009 Ford Explorer
I recently ordered a VW style flip key (switchblade key) off eBay from a reputable seller. It has the key and the keyless remote fob bult into one unit. Upon receiving the key I took it to local locksmith and had the key cut. Lucky since I had two original keys I could program the 3rd using the directions in the owners manual. That part works. The key starts the vehicle with no issues. The part that doesn't work is the keyless entry. I followed the directions in owners manual to program. Making sure doors were electronically unlocked, cycling ignition from run to off eight times, on the eighth time ending in run position and the doors locked and unlocked signaling in programming mode. I pressed a button on the new remote. Nothing. I tried pressing every button one at a time on new remote within the 20 seconds I had. Nothing. Pressed a button on each of the 2 current remotes I have. Doors locked then unlocked signaling remote was programmed and recognized. I contacted the sellers. They gave me the customer service phone number and asked to please call them. I did. They walked me through the same process. With no luck. We confirmed that it had the same FCC ID as my current remote and it is a direct replacment for my vehicle. They then assumed that it must be a bad remote. They overnighted me a new remote for free. New remote, same problem. I have entered programming mode and guess what... You guessed it, vehicle doesn't recognize it. I have also tried battery reset. Disconnected negative battery cable for at least 10 minutes. Then Entering programming mode again. Doors locked and unlocked. Vehicle won't recognize new remote. Any ideas? Can dealership use their computer to teach vehicle new remote when programming mode doesn't work? Any ideas or help will be much appreciated. Thanks

It won't work. I've bought the same remote as you, numerous times, from different vendors. Same exact problem. I had a 2008 and now a 2010 and it didn't work with either. But I think it's something with the Explorer. I took the remote and synced with a Ford Escape, and it worked. I then synced it with my wife's Ford Fusion and that worked as well. I then took the factory fobs from the Escape and the Fusion, and they worked on the Explorer. So I eventually just gave up. Wish I had better news.